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How do we hire you as our videographer?

I require a 50% deposit along with the signed contract in order to lock in your date. My availability is always changing so your date won't be locked on an inquiry alone. The final payment is due 7 days prior to the wedding day.

Will you fly your drone during the wedding ceremony?

I do not fly my drone during the ceremony for a number of reasons. The main reason is this is the ceremony is the most important part of the day. After all that's why everyone has gathered! During that time I am focused on capturing the special moments like vows and of course your first kiss! The other reasons include the noise produced from the drone as well as certain FAA regulations. Plus the drone is weather and location permitting.

How is the music chosen for the video? Can we pick our own?

The music I produce with is specifically licensed to comply with copyright laws. Most mainstream songs require special licensing which can be acquired for a fee. However, one of the most important parts of my craft is music selection. Music sets the tone and mood so I use my creativity to select the best song that fits your video the best!

Do you charge for travel?

Within the RenoTahoe and Northern Nevada area I do not charge for travel. Outside of this coverage area travel fees will be quoted on an individual basis.

How do you record our vows?

I use a series of small lapel microphones that record only. These would be separate from any device that broadcasts your vows for the audience to hear. I place one on each the Groom and Officiant. I also have one made for the Bride to wear should you wish to wear it. It does help deliver better quality audio, but I completely understand if you wish to pass!

What if we don't have personal vows?

That is completely okay! Many people like to stick with traditional vows. I do however recommend that the couple each writes a letter to one another and has that available to record for both video and audio purposes. Mainly for the audio as it really helps tell the story of love between you two.

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